One Yoga Teachers

  1. Ryan Leier

    Dynamic and inspirational, Ryan Leier brings his unique energy to every class he teaches. Whether in his own One Yoga studios or as an ambassador of yoga to communities around the world, his expression of this ancient, yet vital tradition consistently touches people's hearts.

    Ryan is primarily a student of the Krishamacharya yoga lineage and continues to study under Father Joe Pereira, by whom he was authorized to teach. Ryan trains with Baron Baptiste, Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane (Maya), Danny Paradise, Srivatsa Ramaswami (Vinyasa Krama). He also received instruction from Ashtanga Guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Ryan has his ERYT- 500 and RYCT designation from Yoga Alliance.

  2. Clancy Sullivan

    Originally from Halifax, NS, this adopted prairie girl is a writer, dog whisperer and yogini, who loves people, food, animals and bustin’ a gut. Clancy stumbled upon her yogic path in 2001, but it wasn’t until she moved to Winnipeg MB in 2007 that yoga moved from hobby to lifestyle.

    She has lived in many places, but keeps coming back to Saskatoon. Clancy originally came to Saskatoon to study with her main teacher Ryan Leier. She's left a few times but it seems she just can't get enough of the amazing community and yoga scene.

    Teaching yoga has allowed Clancy to follow her bliss and do exactly what she loves. This includes, but is not limited to, cracking jokes, dancing like a fool, seeing the world and teaching/practicing/living yoga. Clancy has studied with many great yoga teachers, has over 700 hours of training under her belt and holds a ERYT-500 designation from Yoga Alliance.

    Clancy firmly believes that yoga can change lives. All you need is an open mind, a little courage, and gratitude. With these attributes Clancy believes students are able to take the peace and power found in their practice off their mat and into the great wide yonder.

  3. Adrianne Vangool

    Adrianne Vangool is a physical therapist and yoga instructor who has been fortunate to learn from Ryan Leier. Adrianne combines her passion for physio and yoga to connect with people in communities from Saskatoon to Northern Saskatchewan. She offers physical therapy assessments and treatments with an emphasis on therapeutic yoga techniques. Her goal is to spread the healing and wellness benefits of yoga to as many people as possible. Her classes are designed to be accessible to all; from beginners to all levels. She uses her physical therapy training to guide her yoga teaching to ensure a therapeutic, safe, and fun experience. 

    “ You have to teach people to go inside instead of going outside, because if they want peace, they need to find it within.” - Ram Dass

  4. Lauren Scruton

    Lauren creates a container for insight; as a student you are provided a safe space to come together in community and express yourself honestly. Her classes are rooted in the Traditional teachings of T.Krishnamacharya through the Vinyasa Krama and Iyengar lineages. She has studied for almost 10 years with Ryan Leier and 5 years with their teachers: Fr. Joe Periera and Srivatsa Ramaswami. Accessible to all-levels of practice, her classes move from simplicity to depth all through the awareness of one’s own breath and subtle alignment with it. Lauren is also the head teacher of Vinyasa Yoga for Youth - when practicing with her you can expect some sweet connection to your inner child as well as a meditative experience on your mat.

  5. Julianne Gordon

    With an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Kinesiology that focused on exercise physiology, Julianne brings an emphasis on science to her practice and teaching. Knowing the potential for change on a cellular level has stoked her passion to share this practice. Stress and tension create the opportunity for change in the body but she also strives for the balance of a relaxed, peaceful mind through steadiness of breath.

    Julianne likes to go beyond the physiological benefits of this practice by focusing on the traditional teachings of yoga. In her own practice and in her classes she strive to bring in the principles of kriya yoga; a burning ambition to put in the work (tapas), self-study and introspection (svadhyaya), and a trust and surrender to something greater than oneself (ishvara pranidhana)

    Julianne started teaching at One Yoga in 2009. She teaches a range of classes from yin and slow flow to power flow. She stresses that yoga is for everybody and strives to make her classes accessible to all.

  6. Nic Golden

    Nicole has been teaching yoga since 2008, offering a variety of movement styles including yin, yang, vinyasa, gentle restorative and yoga specific for aging and chronic illness. Therapeutics: Her focus is yoga, anatomy and energetics, weaving together the teachings of Traditional Chinese medicine, Taoist Yoga, Ayurveda and Thai yoga Massage. Nicole works with her clients to develop a comprehensive therapeutic program including yin yoga postures, nutrition meditation and Thai Yoga Massage.

    Power and Fitness: Nicole is a certified Advanced AcroYoga Instructor and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Advanced Instructor and SUP Yoga Instructor. In these disciplines, Nicole offers classes that will challenge participants to move beyond what’s comfortable to find new strength and personal wellness. Nicole also offers private and group fitness boot camps that make great additions to workplace wellness programs and community associations.

    Meditation and Mindfulness: In addition to the outward expression of fitness and play, Nicole believes that an integral part of a Yogi’s life is developing the quiet, focused awareness that allows one to draw inward. Through her practice and study of Yin, chakras and meridian theory, she looks to deepen her practice of contemplation, gratitude and nonattachment. Nicole offers individual classes and workshops in Chakra Meditation, Yin and Meridian Theory.

  7. Matthew Yausie

    I started practicing and studying yoga with Ryan Leier to help heal injuries and improve my athletic performance eight year ago. I soon fell in love with the practice and realized it was much more than just being flexible. As my practice deepened my breath control, concentration, balance, strength and mobility improved but more importantly I was connecting to someone deeper and something higher.

    I love sharing space and vibrations with people. There is something very powerful about breathing and moving as one. The work is done within and felt by all.

    We Are One
    Baptiste Power Yoga, One Yoga, & Vinyasa Yoga For Youth Certified
    B.Kin, CSCS (Personal & Athlete Trainer)

  8. Sara Irons

    Sara was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan. In 2008 she moved to Saskatoon and soon found herself on the doorstep of One Yoga. She was instantly drawn towards the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga and fell in love with the practice. A strong believer that everyone can find a yoga practice that fits their individual needs and lifestyle, she decided to begin her training to become an instructor under the guidance of Ryan Leier. She believes that yoga can teach us to be at one with ourselves and therefore at one with the world around us and aims to share that with her students.

    Sara creates a safe space for all her students to explore their yoga practice. In her vinyasa classes you can expect to sweat, laugh, and discover new space in your postures as she guides you from her authentic, grounded personal experiences. In her Emotional Balance classes you will be given the tools to explore your patterns, thoughts, and feelings so that you can begin to shift them towards a more balance state. These classes and workshops provide students with the ability to take their practice from their mat into their everyday lives.

  9. Emma Willems

    I started practicing yoga after quitting dance, having no idea how powerful it would be both physically and mentally. I have been so blessed to learn from the amazing teachers at One Yoga. For me yoga is a way of connecting to ourselves, others, and the world around us. My goal is to get people moving and breathing together, sparking the desire to go deeper into their own practice.

  10. Rachelle McHenry

    I would describe my teaching style as playful and light. I have been guiding youth for a while now and I love to guide in a way that is accessible to them and to all; what the youth have taught me is yoga does not have to be too serious! You can play and laugh and fall! I have also learnt this in my Chair Yoga classes. An example of this playful guiding is how I refer to the body parts during a class, you arms become wings, the legs a giant tail or a tree trunk with deep roots. I like to mix the way I guide youth with how I guide adults as well.

    My vision for my practice and for my teaching is, PRACTICE! The more I practice personally and the more I practice guiding, the better both will become. I will always be a senior student and a junior teacher.

    Fun Fact about me ; I have a degree in Aboriginal Justice and Criminology from the University of Saskatchewan

  11. Emily Brazill

    Emily attained her Yoga Teacher Certification (200 RYS) at Semperviva along with her Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Training in Vancouver. She explored Europe while completing her Masters of International Management at Western University where she specialized in marketing and strategy. She has been practicing yoga for over ten years and completed her One Yoga Teacher Training - Living Yoga Module 1 here in Saskatoon.

    I believe that we learn by practice. I have spent a lot of my life balancing, running, stretching and dancing – practicing and connecting body and mind. That’s where I can help. My style of teaching embodies freedom and self discovery - no class is ever the same. I teach what I practice - so that the shapes, breath and movement are authentic. Classes are challenging yet playful. My style is unique - I have learned from the masters and I believe that music is a powerful enabler. I have had the privilege of tapping into many different styles and lineages of yoga to be inspired. Fun fact - when I was 12 - I was a junior member of the National Ballet School of Canada.

  12. Alex Mitchell

    Alex returned to her hometown of Saskatoon after living and working in New York for many years. After countless adventures traveling, learning, living, and working abroad she returned to the Prairies to pursue her dream of working with youth and teaching yoga. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, and completed her teacher training in Arizona. She is also grateful to have learned from Ryan Leier and the dedicated Vinyasa Yoga for Youth leaders to bring the practice of yoga to kids and teens.

    Alex commits to a daily asana practice, but believes wholeheartedly in the truth that yoga is much, much more than asanas! She strives to lead by example and live a life rooted in compassion, honesty, prayer, and kindness. On the mat she likes to focus on body alignment, providing varying options for all student levels, and using music as a tool to go deeper, maintain focus of the breath, and remain mindful. Alex also has a strong desire to continue working with youth in schools and at summer camps to share the joy and power of yoga and meditation.

  13. Gina Falcetta

    Gina is an Ashtanga enthusiast and practitioner. She loves to share what she knows on the topic in her classes which are accessible by all levels. She firmly believes in the ability to retain the structure and intent of an Ashtanga yoga practice while still having fun and doing exploratory research with the physical body and the breath. Gina has completed a few teacher trainings, and loves the process of the continual daily discipline of being a life-long student.

  14. Brette Crockett

    My first experience with yogasana in 2006 was tender and calming, which was something I was very much in need of at that time in my life. I met Ryan a year or two later and jumped head first into my practice, and have never looked back.

    I attended One Yoga’s Level I training in 2012 and Level II in 2018. Between these, I worked to complete an additional 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2014 (Namaskar Yoga, Saskatoon).

    With an educational background in Kinesiology and Social Work, yoga is a perfect fit, as I believe that every day, every body, every story, and every practice must be approached as individual. My excitement for yoga is rooted in the connection of our mind, heart, body, and spirit.

    As my passion for teaching grows, so does my enjoyment of my own practice, enabling me to bring a quiet strength into my daily life as a mother, partner, leader, and student.

  15. Andrew Barclay

    I've practiced yoga since 2006.
    I've been teaching since 2008.
    Keep it simple, join me for some fun!

  16. Alleah Bowring

    Born and raised in Saskatoon, Alleah began her yoga journey in highschool when Ryan taught her gym class. With her background in gymnastics, many of the poses came naturally to her and allowed her the freedom to a safe practice even with past injuries. She instantly fell in love with a fiery practice, but as she continued to dive deeper and explore, she realized that there was so much more to the practice than just the physical aspects. She took her first training with Ryan in 2012 to grow and develop her own personal practice, and went on to complete her 200 HR training in 2017 to be able to share the teachings with others.

    Alleah believes that yoga helps you to be fully present in your body here and now. It is a way to find the balance in sweetness and strength, get grounded, and allows you to test the boundaries and limitations you set for yourself both physically and mentally. Alleah thoroughly believes that yoga is just as important off the mat than on, where she continues to strive to be her most authentic, bubbly, and compassionate self.

  17. Dwight Weiers

    Dwight was born and raised here in Treaty 6 territory. Dwight has done a plethora of jobs. Some were: being a rickshaw driver (the running kind, not the bicycle kind), a roughneck, a tree-planter, an educator, mentor and all types of youth work. He is now a full-time instructor with Vinyasa Yoga For Youth.

    My vision for my practice and teaching is to keep growing. The root of education is to allow to grow. So many of us think we are done growing. My practice for my self is to let go, and grow. Let go of what restrains: anxieties, traumas and falsehoods. My practice is my own but done within this community. My practice takes me inside myself and leaves me more connected to the people and world around me. I hope my teaching does the same. Listen to your breath; listen to your body. Grow; keep growing. Do just do what you can; go for what you cannot do. Let go, surrender what you don’t need, what left is best, what’s left is you.

  18. Natalie Walliser

    Natalie believes that yoga is for every body. Through her personal practice, Natalie explores movement and the connection between mind and body. She strives to cultivate a mindful practice that guides students through their own journey of self-discovery. In 2017, Natalie completed One Yoga Teacher Training - Living Yoga with Ryan Leier. Compassionate and gentle, Natalie loves to share restorative and gentle practice with the One Yoga community.

  19. Yuby (Marie Ljubica Koporcic-Alfaro)

    I am originally from Chile. My Yoga practice began as a way to improve my physical health after a car accident. I soon began to realize all the benefits yoga has to offer, and wished to share these benefits with others. I believe physical condition of individuals does not matter, yoga is accessible all. For this reason I really enjoy teaching Yoga to beginners, and people with special health conditions.

    I love to practice and teach Power and Vinyasa Yoga. I also love to practice Yin Yoga and restorative Yoga. I am able to incorporate all these styles into my classes, and find balance between them. Some days you need the Power Yoga, and other day’s restorative Yoga to rebalance. Take a break from your day and treat yourself to a yoga class, I would love to see you there.

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