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Prenatal Yoga with Cara

Prenatal Yoga with Cara

Teacher: Cara Riendeau

Dates: July 16, July 23, August 6, August 27

Time: 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Investment: $20/class

Cara creates a safe, creative, loving space that is inclusive for all. This prenatal yoga class is for people who are pregnant or who are in the postpartum period (this includes those who have had an abortion or miscarriage).


Guidelines to consider:

1st trimester: when you are early in your pregnancy, it is of the upmost importance to listen to your intuition. If you feel like staying home, sleeping and resting a lot, do that! Try to embrace yin qualities during this time and don’t force anything. 1st trimester mamas are welcome to participate and will be offered cooling, restorative options to keep baby safe. Expect to rest lots and soak up the positive vibes of the class.

2nd trimester: you will be encouraged to connect with your inner wisdom and make this class your own. This is a great time to begin cultivating body awareness, tapping into intuition, and strengthening your body for labour and delivery.

3rd trimester: similar to 2nd trimester mamas, 3rd trimester mamas are given the freedom to customize postures and exercises to do what feels right. Let Cara know if baby is breach to ensure you are put into proper postures.

4th trimester: (postpardum, including women who have had an abortion or miscarriage):  women who have delivered a healthy baby are encouraged to take time to connect with baby and heal the body. Attending class after 10-12 weeks postpardum is recommended. If you have experienced a miscarriage or abortion, you are invited to attend class when you feel ready to join.

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