15hr Yin Immersion Training

15hr Yin Immersion Training

15hr Yin Immersion Training w/ Nic
This course introduces the 20 basic poses of yin yoga and a few variations on each.  It will also cover the fundamental anatomical and philosophical concepts pertaining to yin yoga including how each of our joints move within a pose.


What is yin yoga, and how does it differ from yang yoga?

What are the advantages of yin yoga and how does it complement other styles?

What is tension and what is compression and what are the effects on out tissues?

What is the function of our connective tissue/fascia in this practice?

What restrictions does my individual bone structure impose on me and how different is it from other people’s bone structure?


August 9th: 5:45-9:15pm
August 10th: 2:00-8:30pm
August 11th: 1:30-6:30pm
Cost: $350



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