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Gong Bath on the New Moon Workshop

Teacher: Arnbjörg Kristin Konradsdottir
Date: Tuesday June 12
Time: 5:45 - 7:00 pm
Investment: $20 + GST


The sound of the gong has been used for healing, relaxation and transformation for hundreds of years. The cosmic nature of the sound leads the mind to rest from everyday life into a more soulful and expanded experience where we can connect to our own spirit beyond the realm of thought.
Arnbjörg Kristin Konradsdottir will play two gongs during the event. She has traveled and played in various events, festivals, yoga classes, medicine wheels for years in her home country, Iceland. She teaches regular yoga classes back home to youth and adults (on land and in water) and enjoys sharing and teaching the art of playing the gong.

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    $20 + GST
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